All CICA compensation claims are subject to a time limit. This is around two years from when the assault happened or from when you reported the assault to the police. For child sexual abuse case you can also file a claim after 2 year of your 18th Birthday. However, because many people find it difficult to talk about this sensitive issue at the time of the attack, exceptions can be made and the limit can be extended to 10 or even 20 years later for historical abuse claims depending on the facts of the case.

We can advise you on how your claim can still be successfully made despite being late. We have managed to win cases that were delayed by 10-20 years or more. The key issue is the reason for the delay and whether health problems have contributed. It is not sufficient to simply argue that you did not know about the scheme or the rule which may have led to a delayed claim. That explanation will not meet the exceptional reason criteria for a late claim being admitted.