The criminal injuries compensation scheme allows for loss of earnings to be reclaimed but subject to some very constraining criteria:

  • You must have little or no capacity for paid work.
  • You will need to establish that you either were in paid work leading up to the application (but can no longer work) or have been on long term absence due to the abuse.
  • The CICA will ignore the first 28 weeks of any period of loss – only long term absence is considered.
  • Loss of earnings will be capped at the official level of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) valid at the time of settlement.
  • You will need evidence from HMRC or a former employer to substantiate loss of earnings.
  • You will also need clear medical evidence preferably from a consultant doctor explaining your incapacity and how this is linked to the child abuse you suffered.

It is very difficult to negotiate a claim for lost earnings with the CICA. It is strongly recommended that you seek legal advice as the yearly award level is around £5000. When you consider a victim of crime may not work for many years due to the harm cause, this is a considerable head of claim.